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President Kent Fuchs
September 8, 2017

Dear Gator Community,

As I write this letter, I share the great anxiety our community is feeling about the impending Hurricane Irma. 

Many UF students and employees are staying on campus where residence halls or shelters are safe and secure. Others have left Gainesville to be with family or friends. Many have family and friends in South Florida who have had to evacuate.

Linda and I will be here on campus, watching, waiting and hoping for the best possible outcome from this dangerous storm. 

Wherever you are, I urge you to follow media reports and messages from UF as forecasts and conditions change. It may be necessary for the university to be closed beyond Monday. We are continuously assessing potential changes in schedules and services. 

For those of you who are new to Florida, check in with your UF community and reach out if you need help or information.  Everyone, be sure to watch daily for UF messages and look for updates on our home page,

I want to thank all members of the staff and faculty who have worked tirelessly and will continue working to maintain vital services and get the campus back on its feet. 

Our community and physical environment are resilient.  I look forward to learning that everyone in the UF community has endured Hurricaine Irma safely and seeing everyone experiencing the daily wonders of our university again soon.

Stay safe. Go Gators!

Kent Fuchs

University of Florida

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