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Clubs and societies

With more than 200 university clubs and societies, we have something for everyone

Run by students for students with the support of the University of Sydney Union, there's bound to be one (or many) of our clubs that interests you. And if there isn’t, start your own!

Joining a university club is a great way to exercise your brain and body, learn new things, practise your leadership skills, and make friends who share your interests.

All you need is USU membership, which you can sign up for during Welcome Week or online at any time of year.

Some university clubs and societies are free to join, while others require a small annual fee. Your membership helps cover the cost of events throughout the year, as well as any specialised equipment, so you’ll make the cash back in discounted events and entertainment.

The range of clubs and societies reflects our diverse student population, sporting facilities and breadth of subjects.

You can join a degree-related group to connect with your classmates, network with industry and lay the groundwork for your career. Academic groups such as the Sydney University Law Society and the Business School Society facilitate peer-assisted study groups to help you get ahead in your subjects.

Aspiring athletes can choose from surfing, football, triathlons, basketball, spelunking (caving), polo, bushwalking, roller derby and Quidditch (yes, really).


Want to broaden your tastebuds and meet fellow foodies? Joining a food society is a great way to venture out beyond campus and discover Sydney’s restaurants and bars. Tea, coffee, cocktails and chocolate are just some of the delicacies that have inspired a club following.

For those who prefer to stay in and cook, the Food Co-op sells healthy, organic produce at decent prices throughout semester in the Wentworth Building. 


Brush up on your language skills or meet students with similar religious beliefs through one of our many faith or culture-based societies.

Joining a political group is another way to network and debate current affairs with other students.


Refine your public-speaking skills with the debating society, which has produced some of the best student debaters in the world. Our students have travelled overseas and brought home several victories in competitions against world-class universities including Harvard and Oxford.

Nurture your inner entrepreneur and find like-minded collaborators through INCUBATE: a program for start-ups and technology projects.

Joining a club or society is one of the best ways to get involved in campus life and make the most of your university experience. It can open doors and build connections that might help you land (or create) your dream job. And you may even have some fun along the way.


If you’re interested in running your own event on campus, there are plenty of ways the union can help get your ideas off the ground. Why not start your own club or society to meet people with similar interests or run for a position on the USU Student Board?


  • 02 9563 6118 or 02 9563 6160
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